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This is the website of an independent 3D animator, and film producer, whose main project is called 'COG'. Over the coming months I will post images, movies, explanations and tutorials about all Cogfilms productions.
The projects are being produced in Blender, the OPEN SOURCE & FREE 3D creation suite, developed by Ton Roosendaal et al.

  • January-June 2012 Over the last few weeks I have been exploring the ocean modifier in Blender 2.63. I had become disatisfied with the level of detail possible using my previous ocean materials as we move towards higher resolutions and the quality of broadband TVs, tablets, and of course, computers.
    ocean foam material
    I have produced an HD clip of the material in motion, on both YouTube and Vimeo. The clip is under Creative Commons Attribution 3 and once downloaded deserves to be viewed as a loop on a high definition monitor.
    Over the next week I will be creating a new ocean foam tutorial, here on this website, that will explain how to create and modify this simple texture effect for any ocean, wake, or other large scale water simulation using Blender.

The film is dedicated to my great friend Roger Finch who tragically died in 2003. Roger was an inspiration to many non-professional film makers encouraging them to dream, persevere, and achieve the impossible.

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